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Clifton-Stewart Rentals

Clifton-Stewart Developers offer apartments for rent in many locations throughout our area.

What We Do

We take pride in the upkeep of our properties and we will make sure that you will always have a quality living environment. Apartment availability is constantly changing, so please contact us for current available units. We also encourage you to visit a specific location to take a look at some sample units.


Sweetland Apartments

The immaculate Sweetland Apartments units boast 2 bedrooms and are located on Highway 75 in Abingdon, Va., just 5 minutes from South Holston Lake.

Promise Landing

Promise Landing Apartments are available in 1-3 bedroom units with highly desired amenities including a swimming pool, exercise room, and laundry facilities. They are adjacent to Johnston Memorial Hospital in Abingdon, VA.

Contact Us

Call 276-623-4254 for availability


Clifton Square

Located directly across from Johnston Memorial Hospital. Currently no vacancies.

Contact Us

Multiple commercial rentals throughout Abingdon

Call 276-623-4254 for availability

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Phone: 276-623-4254